Memory Jogger 2 — Second Edition (2018 Revision)


Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning

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Dramatically improve your productivity, quality, and planning with the 2018 revision of this highly successful pocket guide of basic and advanced quality tools, a problem-solving model, and improvement team guidelines. Learn from the many examples from other organizations with problems similar to yours, making it?easier for everyone to understand and apply the tools.

Critical tools are explained with detailed graphics and easy-to-understand text and icons to describe what the tools are, why they’re used, and how to use them. ?This pocket guide includes case studies?of?today’s fortune 100 companies succeeding with these?tools. ?Uses real-life examples with problems similar to yours, making them easy to understand and apply.

  • New?Zing Wear case study?(Written by Lisa?Boisvert, and?Reviewed by David Shields, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.)
  • Story-boarding?case study of the 7-step model
  • Team guidelines, a tool selector chart and a quick tool finder

Tools include:?Activity Network Diagram,?Affinity Diagram,?Brainstorming,?Brainwriting,?Cause & Effect/Fishbone,?Check Sheets,?Control Charts,?Data Points,?Flowchart,?Force Field Analysis,?Histograms,?Interrelationship Digraph,?Nominal Group Technique,?Matrix Diagram,?Multivoting,?Pareto Chart,?Prioritization Matrices,?Problem Solving Model,?Process Capability,?Radar Chart,?Run Chart,?Scatter Diagram,?Team Guidelines,?Tree Diagram

ISBN:?978-1-57681-113-9 (Pocket Guide)

ISBN:?978-1-57681-117-7 (Desktop Guide)

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Memory Jogger

Business tools and interpersonal skill notebooks uniquely formatted to help you flourish with greater quality, efficiency, and a stronger workforce.




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Diane Ritter, Michael Brassard


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